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Meeting you at the intersection
of where you are + where you want to be


"People don't need sudden revelations. They get what they need when they need it, thought by thought by thought. It's a constant thing when the mind starts to wake up to itself." Bryon Katie


Yareli Esteban
Dallas, Texas

In a short hour with Amy, my plan went from being random thoughts and ideas in my head to having a priority list on paper with a homework assignment to get it moving forward. I have had the pleasure of knowing her for 18 years and have had the opportunity to work with her professionally (in past life chapters) and now in her new role as a Life coach. I would highly recommend her! She's a natural coach because she deeply cares about sharing her expertise, pushing you just the right amount to get you to your next level and find your BEST self. Thank you Amy ❤!

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Carrie Wiesenfeld
West Palm Beach, Florida

Working with Coach Amy has been so helpful to me both within my career and personal life. It was the most productive hour and she helped me see a clear path forward and motivated me to take the next steps; where I had been feeling stuck and unfocused. Amy is a good listener and patient, yet, at the same time she is holding me accountable. I am looking forward to my next coaching session with Amy!

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Amy Lessing
Madison, Wisconsin

5 stars - Amy is an expert coach. She truly listens & knows how to ask questions to get to the crux of any issue to help provide suggestions on ways to move forward & resolve issues. Amy has always made me feel that my questions and issues are fully valid and provided real life solutions & plans to help me figure out how to take the next step, especially when I'm in the middle of an issue and can't see through the weeds, Amy helps me see the overall picture. She's invaluable and a true asset to anyone she coaches. 



IMG_1617 2.HEIC
Grunge Triangle - Black

snowmobile hair, don't care!

Hi.  I'm Amy. 


Best Two Words to Describe Me:

Passionate + Curious

Listening To On Repeat:

Althea by The Grateful Dead + anything by Ludivico Enaudi

Favorite TV Binges:

Yellowstone + Ozark

Learning Right Now:


Thankful for:

My husband, Robert + Sister Katie


I guess the first thing to know about me is that I have a 30-year career in Automotive Marketing.  It's the first thing to know because it has been a lifelong focus for me.  I knew I wanted to get into advertising at a young age because how much I loved magazines growing up.  I loved the ads.  Automotive because that was my dad's gig.   And I wanted to be like him.   


My favorite part of it all has been growing and leading teams.  If you can focus on the positives of what every individual brings to the table and point everyone in the right direction, your team will be strong. 


I'm a type 3 Enneagram.  Look it up.  It is what it is but I'm doing my own work on myself!  I've got a growth mindset.  Do you?


I love spending time in the Northwoods of Wisconsin in our little red cabin. 


My favorite things to do  are snowmobiling with my husband, rocking interior design in making a house a home and cooking for my family and friends.  I decompress by creating playlists on Spotify.  I've lived in 12 different cities, graduated from Chicago's Second City Improv school, produced a Blues Revival concert that travelled the country with Taj Mahal and ... well...

La Dee Da.

I consider coaching to be my calling.

I'm living in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin with my husband, Robert and our bulldog, Ruby.  

I hope we can talk soon.

City Street



Together, we work toward a goal defined by you.

This can be to create clarity around a situation, find a direction, change your mindset, overcome a challenge, remove mental blocks, increase creativity, leadership growth and challenges, team creation and motivation, confidence building, setting priorities and many more situations.  We will discuss this in our initial call.


Between where you are and where you want to be.

I've been educated by life to understand corporate politics, executive stress, the death of loved ones, moving to a new city as an adult, being a female in an mostly all-male career etc.  I have some well-earned experience in a 30 year career to bring empathy and loving kindness into our time together.



Holding space is sacred.  You have my attention.  Holding space is being in that non-judgemental area of "I don't know what you should do,  but I can help you find your own answers."


As a certified life coach, I've been taught to listen differently.

Not with the purpose of speaking next or giving advice -

but to ask questions that make you dig deeper.  Think deeper.



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