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Fixed or Growth Mindsets

I read this book by Carol Dweck a few years ago "Mindset. The New Psychology of Success" and it had an impact on me. I guess I always knew that I had a mindset geared toward growth, but it was looking at the people around me and seeing which way they were leaning.

Someone with a mindset that is fixed, believes in talent. That someone's talents are set-in-stone from the start and can't be improved upon. You hear phrases like "That's just

how I am. That's what I do." They judge people quickly on whether they are "good" or "bad" at something and then nothing can change their minds. They judge themselves that same way too. I can do this but not that and that's how it will always be.

People with a growth mindset feel the opposite. They look at failures as opportunities and that there is always room to get better. They look to people who have succeed

ed in something, life or business as a way to get tips to improve. They genuinely believe that they can get better at anything they set their mind on.

I have a growth mindset for sure. Anyone can learn to also have a growth mindset. Dweck writes in her book that our mindset is strongly influenced by the role models we had as children. Both my mom and dad had a growth mindset. My mom truly believed that we could accomplish what we put our minds to and was optimistic and an encourager at all times.

My dad was was more targeted in his approach. He taught me to have a career of my own and be able to support myself. He conquered his dad's fixed mindset and accomplished a long, loved career at General Motors. His dad used to tell him that "someone had to dig the ditches." Meaning that he was too lazy or dumb that is all he would be able to accomplish with his life. Thankfully, my dad didn't listen to him and moved quickly to prove him wrong.

In my opinion, people with a fixed mindset are not living to their potential and may never reach it. Plus, you need to be curious - wonder what your potential even is and I don't think curiosity is a trait of many people with a fixed mentality.

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